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Wedding Day Makeup

Published on 27th January 2012 in Mobile Beauty Therapists

I Do’s For Makeup

Do book your makeup consultation for a day when you have a fitting or an event.
There are usually fees for consultations, so plan for yours to happen when you have something special going on, or when you can test it out with your dress. Get your money’s worth!

Do wear a white or ivory tank top at your run-through to help you visualize how your makeup will look with your gown.
Bridal makeup color needs to be fine-tuned to look right against the hue of your dress.

Do bring a camera to your makeup run-through, and take photos from all angles.
Assess and adjust from there. Write down the makeup products and shades used on your eyes, lips and cheeks.

Do start early on your wedding day and schedule enough time for your services to be done well.
Allow 45 minutes to an hour for your makeup.

Do devise a timeline.
Figure out prep time required for each member of the wedding party and how many assistants will be needed to get the job done.

Do think classic and timeless for your makeup.
Sure, Kim Kardashian’s uber-smoky cat eye and full-on faux lashes look fab, but in 10 years? Maybe not so much.

Do be aware that super-dark lipstick can look black in black-and-white photos.
So if you want a dramatic lip, think brighter, not darker.

Do use waterproof mascara.
This is bridal-makeup rule number one!

I Dont’s For Makeup
Don’t wait until the last minute!
Book your hair and makeup artists early-about six months in advance. The good ones go fast.

Don’t skimp.
Hire the right number of makeup artists for your wedding party. Remember, all of your bridesmaids will be in your wedding photos for life, and they, too, need to look picture perfect.

Don’t overdo it.
There is a reason the word “understated” was invented! Less is more, especially when it comes to your wedding makeup. You still need to look like you. Stay true to your beautiful self.

Don’t use “blah” shades.
Those beige and brown-toned lip colors you wear every day can make you look washed out in photos. Instead, aim for rosier, plum-ier or peachier iterations of your go-to favorites.

Don’t get shiny.
Keep a mattifying gel or blotting tissues on hand, to tone down oil or perspiration. It’s one thing to glow, quite another to have a glistening shine. Wedding excitement can (and probably will) make your skin flushed and slick, so be prepared.

Don’t be without what you need.
Have a bridal-beauty emergency kit for your maid of honor to keep close by in case anything goes awry. You are now ready for your closeup!

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