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Launching the Premium Pay per Lead service for providers

Published on 13th February 2013 in News

Together with the first stable version on 15th of February is launching a serviced for its providers called Premium Pay per Lead.

So far as a part our beta tests our providers were able to get the complete information about the customer’s enquiries. Starting the Premium Pay per Lead service, providers will receive only the most important information. Full details will be available only for these providers that have this service activated.

What more you will get?

Subscribing to Premium Pay per Lead these providers will receive the customer’s names and contact details for enquiry. This will give them the advantage to contact the customer and ask him for details before submitting their proposals.

How to activate the service?

By default the Premium Pay per Lead service is not activated for each provider. To activate the service you must:

  1. Log in to your account using the link
  2. From the menu bar on the left you must click on Services
  3. Check the box on the Premium Pay per Lead service and then after you agree with the terms & conditions you must click on Save services button.

After you activate your subscription, all enquiries that you will receive will contain the full available information and will be counted as well. You can cancel your Premium Pay per Lead subscription anytime.

How you will be charged?

At the beginning of each month we will review manually all the leads for the previous month and remove the duplicates and the irrelevant enquiries. After that system will count the Premium Leads you received for that period, and will send you a Pay Pal invoice with the total.

Even if at the moment you have your Premium Pay per Lead service deactivated, you may still receive an invoice, if during the previous month you received Premium Leads with the complete information for the enquiry.

How much will cost one Premium Lead?

The price for each Premium Lead is £2.00. In case of price change, shall inform each provider at least one month in advance.

What if I do not subscribe to this service?

Providers who do not activate the Premium Pay per Lead service will not get access to customer’s names and contact details for enquiry. They can submit submit their offers through the website. team will use the income from this service to expand its advertising campaign and to reach out more customers, bringing more business opportunities for you – our provides.

Activate the Premium Pay per Lead service