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Launching the Premium Pay per Lead service for providers

Published on 13 Feb 2013 in News

Together with the first stable version on 15th of February is launching a serviced for its providers called Premium Pay per Lead.

So far as a part our beta tests our providers were able to get the complete information about the customer’s enquiries. Starting the Premium Pay per Lead service, providers will receive only the most important information. Full details will be available only for these providers that have this service activated. (more…)

Website update: First stable version launch

Published on in News

Almost year and a half ago we launched our website During this time we made some improvements that reflected to the functionality and the reliability of our systems. We made different tests to all systems, so we now are sure that all the systems are in their best functionality. (more…)

Website update: New request forms

Published on 13 Feb 2012 in News

THANKS to the recommendations received we have made the effort to improve the user experience of

PREVIOUSLY we were relying on one type of request form for any of the categories. The idea was to make the website as easy and as straightforward as possible. However, this didn’t seem to be working for nobody. Lack of information provided was a problem for both service providers and customers. (more…)

…and we started it…

Published on 1 Oct 2011 in News

On 1st of October was launched. Our mission is to popularise mobile against static based services and make sure we provide as many people as we could the ability to compare and scope out best service provider for their need. (more…)